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Counterpoint was founded in June, 2016 by Prentice Clark, director and arranger for the group.  What makes us different is that all of our arrangements are original, based upon existing popular songs which inspire us.  Prentice's arrangements are complex and challenging; we choose songs with catchy melodies and interesting harmonies in a variety of styles, some well-known and some more unusual.


Most of our songs are by female artists.  Our repertoire includes "Rhiannon" by Fleetwood Mac, "I Feel The Earth Move" by Carole King, "Armor" by Sara Bareilles, and "Champion" by Bishop Briggs, among others.  Also, every December we perform an entirely different program of Christmas carols and other holiday songs.


Much of our music is performed a cappella (without instrumental accompaniment).  To introduce new sounds and textures, we have recently added keyboards and electric guitar to some songs, plus some songs include guest musician Kevin Calabrese on electric bass.  


We're always looking for new and innovative twists to add to our music.  For example, we incorporate hand-held Latin percussion into some of our numbers, and the song "Angry Too" even includes flute and xylophone parts.

We are a talented group of women who love singing together. Our members have extensive experience in vocal ensembles, in both popular a cappella groups and classical choirs.  We strive for a seamless blend as we interpret the overlapping rhythms and rich harmonies of our songs.




Prentice Clark, Director

Liz Ackerley

Reanna Adelstein

Barbara Allen

Nina Antonio

Kimberly Bremer

Julie Campbell

Janine Chillino

Marise D'Souza

Yale Demirak

Melissa Ewell

Amy Haskell

Kara Koss

Nicole Mattison

Jessica McDonnell

Inbal Samin

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Prentice V. Clark has a Bachelor's Degree in Music from Wesleyan University.  As a sophomore at Wesleyan, she taught herself how to arrange music for voices and founded an all-female a cappella group called Onomatopoeia.  She has also sung in many classical choirs, from high school through college and afterward; she was a soprano in the classical ensemble Cerddorion in New York City for several years in the early 2000s.  She also served for a year as the director of the jazz and pop a cappella group Uncommon Chord in NYC, where she continued to hone her craft in vocal arranging.  In 2016, she decided to start a women's singing group closer to her home in Chappaqua, using the Meetup website.  She is thrilled to lead such a phenomenal group of singers, and relishes the opportunity to arrange new music for Counterpoint.


Counterpoint performing at a fundraiser for the YWCA in July, 2019

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